Our vision to transform Alban Gate into a welcoming, vibrant and inviting destination

Public consultation on proposals to refurbish Alban Gate

Arax Properties is pleased to present proposals for the much-needed and considered refurbishment of Sir Terry Farrell’s landmark postmodern building. The project team recognises the heritage of the building, and we want to work with the existing postmodern features to enhance and celebrate them. Our proposals do not involve any significant changes to the building; there will be no change to height or massing. On this website, you can find out more about our proposals and have your say on the future of this iconic site.

Our key principles include:

To transform Alban Gate into a welcoming, vibrant and inviting destination for workers, visitors and the local community.

Our proposals

Contributing to the City of London’s Culture Mile

Embracing Alban Gate’s heritage of post-modernism and emerging artistic movements

Improved wayfinding at ground floor with pedestrian routes clearly marked

Introduction of balconies to provide new amenity space for workers

Increased urban greening with pollution absorbent planting

c.200sqm increase in office space to improve guest experience

206sqm of flexible space at podium level for public art, pop

480sqm of flexible retail space at podium level

Reconfiguration of podium walkway to improve wayfinding and visitor experience

Use of reflective ceilings at podium level to brighten the area

Improved accessibility to the podium with new stairs and an enhanced lift

Creation of a new
co-working area at podium level

Have your Say

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Wednesday 28th September 
15.00 – 19.00

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