Welcoming. Vibrant. Inviting

View of ground floor from Wood Street North

We want to transform Alban Gate into a destination for all – workers, visitors and residents. We are looking to make a series of exciting improvements to the ground floor and podium level, alongside the introduction of balconies, which together will realise this vision.

Ground floor improvements

We want to introduce new stairs which correspond to the existing pedestrian crossing on London Wall, making navigation and movement more straightforward for building users and particularly visitors. Ease of access was raised as an important point during our early discussions with the local community and we have ensured this has been considered in our design. The existing lift on Wood Street (south) would be retained, and a new lift would be provided on Wood Street (north) to ensure inclusive and level access to podium level.   

We also want to introduce brighter colours, reflecting the style of New London Fabulous to brighten up the space, assist with circulation wayfinding to the podium and make Alban Gate an inviting destination.  

comp2 Previously proposed design viewed from Wood Street

Existing and proposed arrival at Alban Gate at street level from Wood Street South

Proposed axonometric view of ground floor public realm with London Wall running north to south

Podium level improvements

The podium level at Alban Gate is an underutilised opportunity. We want to transform it to provide an engaging, user-friendly destination. This involves new feature stairs and an additional public lift, reconfiguring the podium walkway and office reception to improve wayfinding and visitor experience. Our early discussions with the community raised concerns around the risk of antisocial behaviour; we have addressed this through our design by a creating a space with lots of natural light and active frontages. The use of bold colours, reflective materials for the soffits and enhanced lighting, will aim to brighten up the existing space to create an engaging and dynamic experience. 

IMG_0144 (5) V_03-after

Existing and proposed podium level

Proposed axonometric view of podium level public realm with London Wall running north to south


We want to introduce balconies to provide new amenity space for workers. Balconies are essential for attracting modern occupiers that place wellness, access to outdoor space and greening as key priorities especially;  requirements that have been catalysed by the pandemic.  These amenities  will  provide  space for the lunchtime use of staff, as well as outdoor meetings in good weather 
Proposed greening to balconies viewed on the Wood Street South elevation
Proposed greening to balconies viewed on the Monkwell Square elevation

Proposed balconies viewed looking north from Wood Street South

Our proposals

Contributing to the City of London’s Culture Mile

Embracing Alban Gate’s heritage of post-modernism and emerging artistic movements

Improved wayfinding at ground floor with pedestrian routes clearly marked

Introduction of balconies to provide new amenity space for workers

Increased urban greening with pollution absorbent planting

c.200sqm increase in office space to improve guest experience

206sqm of flexible space at podium level for public art, pop

480sqm of flexible retail space at podium level

Reconfiguration of podium walkway to improve wayfinding and visitor experience

Use of reflective ceilings at podium level to brighten the area

Improved accessibility to the podium with new stairs and an enhanced lift

Creation of a new
co-working area at podium level